pasty3.gif (672 bytes)A Cornishman (Den Kernewek)pasty3.gif (672 bytes)


pasty3.gif (672 bytes)A man born and bred in the Duchy of Cornwall (that's the bit that sticks out into the Atlantic on the southwest corner of England. A lover of Cornish Pasties, Cornish Cream, Cornish Mead, Cornish Pilchards, *Cornish Mackerel, and Rugby. In the past Cornishmen had a world-wide reputation as hard rock miners (due to the fact that Cornish tin and copper mines were usually situated in areas of granite), fishermen and sailors (a major proportion of the crews who fought the Spanish Armada were Cornish). Today Cornwall tends to get its income from tourism, farming, market gardening, and China Clay. Unfortunately the Cornish fishing industry is now virtually defunct due mainly to the low return, E.C.C. regulations and over fishing and the tin mining has gone due to it being much more economical to mine tin elsewhere. There are no mines left working.

pasty3.gif (672 bytes)The Cornish are Celts and like the other Celts (Scots, Irish, Welsh, Bretons, Galician, Manx) also have their own language - Cornwall is in fact Kernow. The following piece of Cornish can be found all over Cornwall - every church probably has a copy!

Padar Agan Arluth

Agan Tas-ny, us yn nef,
Benygys re bo dha Hanow,
Redheffo dha wlascor,
Dha voth re bo gwres,
y'n nor kepar hag y'n nef.
Ro dhyn-ny hedhyu
agan bara pup deth-oll;
Ha gaf dhyn agan camwyth,
Kepar del aven-nyny dhe'n re-na
us ow camwul er agan py-ny;
Ha na wra agan gorra yn temptasyon,
Mes delyrf ny dyworth drok.
Rag dhysoiy yu an wlascor,
ha'n gallos, ha'n gordhyans,
ys vyken ha bynary. Amen.

The Lord's Prayer in Cornish

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Cornish Badge
Cornish Flag
Cornish Flag (Flag of St. Piran)

Cornish Crest

The fifteen balls are said to represent fifteen besants, Byzantian gold coins, said to have been the ransom to the Saracens for the release of the Earl of Cornwall in the ninth century. The motto 'One and All' is said to commemorate the voluntary efforts of the Cornish people to raise this ransom.
The fisherman and tin miner represent what were the the major industries. The bird is the Cornish Chough.

* Cornish Mackerel - A Mackerel caught off Cornwall by a Cornish Fisherman.
* Spanish Mackerel - A Cornish Mackerel caught off Cornwall by a Spanish Fisherman.

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