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by Christopher Bice (Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd)

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A Cornish Pasty (not pastie)

Wonderful hot or cold. Can be eaten anywhere. Great with a pint of ale. If you want the recipe it is already on the Internet in a number of different places (I would recommend a site but the last time I did that it disappeared!). Some recipes include rutabega in it - no Cornishman even knows what rutabega is! Apparently this is what a swede is called in the United States!  A Cornishman may ask what a swede is.  As far as the Cornish are concerned turnips and swedes are all turnips.

Pasty rolled out like a plate,
Piled with "turmut, tates, and mate."
Doubled up, and baked like fate,
That's a Cornish Pasty.

Items which should NOT be included in a traditional Cornish pasty recipe:

There is nothing to stop anyone putting anything they want into a pasty but it will not be a traditional Cornish pasty.

The EEC regulations class a Cornish Pasty as a meat pie - what an insult - but that is typical of the EEC bureaucrats who, if they had their way, would refuse to recognise anything as Cornish. Sorry, don't mind me, I just have a thing about mindless red tape and bureaucracy.

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