The Cornish Alphabet
My thanks to Sue Ellery for providing me with this and permission to use it. 
It is taken from Pasties and Cream by Brenda Wootton and John the Fish and the Cornish Folk on Sentinel Records of Penzance.
Sue Ellery, St Just, Penzance, Cornwall, UK.  -  email:

  A  is for ansum which we d'think we are (Es, no-one else would, would they?)
And   B  is fer bussa, a git Cornish jar -
And C  is fer cream (which we d'like a lot),
Our cream is that thick you could call'n a clot!
  D is for Digey - down St Ives, dawn't 'ee see,
And E is fer thee and fer me and fer she.
(She eden no 'ee! 'Es she is cause if she was with 'ee and I saw her coming down the street, I would say "Well, where are 'ee off to now I wonder?")
  F is fer fairings you d'get up at the Fair -
They d'go a bit sticky, but the flavour is rare!
And G is fer gulls, as they d'fly cross the bar -
But if you're underneath them, then watch out my gar!
  H  is fer heavy - a git slab o'cake,
All dough and currints, like mo-ther d'bake.
  I is fer 'idna' - my dear soul I cain't think!
All this'ere rhymin' d'drive me to drink!
And J is fer Janner - that's our cousin Jack -
You give 'ee some cheek and he'll give'ee one back!
  K is fer klunk, you know, when you d'swalla -
And L is fer larrups - a git lout of a fella.
  M is fer mo-ther, for whom we d'all care,
And N is fer nawthen that's going nowhere.
  O is the ore ('No, no - not that kind of ore!') - that's the copper and tin,
That we dig down the mines midst the darkness and din - ('Oooh, very profound!')
And P is fer wan thing - that's pasties galore!
My dear, when I've 'ad a pasty, I don't want nawthen no more!
And Q  is the queue where we patiently stood -
For two pennorth of butter and a bit of 'og's pud!
  R is fer ray - now, there's a sweet bit o' fish,
Boiled taties and butter d'make a rich dish.
And S is fer saffron and Sunday School treat -
'Es - remember the banner we carr'd in the street?
And T is fer toe-rag, all salty and wry -
When I've 'ad some of that I could drink the sea dry!
And U is fer 'us' - well, we d'say 'we' -
('That edn't very good! 'S'better n'your 'idna', anyhow!')
And V is fer 'varmint' - some trouble is he!
  W is fer withies, fer making pots fer the crabs,
And sticking up chimblys when cleaning the slabs;
And X marks the spot - of a h'old Cornish cross,
All covered in lichen and soft silky moss ...
And Y is fer 'Yeow!!' - 'es, you d'hear that in the street!
Now that's a true Cornish greeting wherever you d'meet.
Well - all I can think of fer
here is Zennor -
Aw, come's'on - lets go home and have denner.


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