The Cornish Tartans

Like other Celts the Cornish have kilts and tartans. The Cornish kilt is plain black but you can also get kilts in other Cornish tartans.

Cornish National Tartan 1567
Cornish National Tartan
(registry #1567)
designed by E.E. Morton-Nance
Each colour in the National Tartan has a special meaning:
White on Black for St. Piran’s Banner (The Patron Saint of Tinners),
Black and Gold were the colours of the ancient Cornish kings,
Red is for the beak and legs of the Chough, the Cornish National bird,
Blue is for the sea surrounding Cornwall.

The Hunting Tartan incorporates all the colours of the original National Tartan but with a dark green background. It is also said that Royal Blue and Gold were the colours of the Cornish Wrestlers.

Cornish Hunting Tartan 1568
Cornish Hunting Tartan
(registry #1568)
designed by Sandra Redwood in 1984
There are other Cornish Tartans including the ones shown below
St. Piran Cornish Flag Tartan 1618  St. Piran Cornish Dress Tartan 1685 Cornish National Day Tartan 1262
St. Piran Cornish Flag Tartan
(registry #1618)
designed by A. Armstrong Evans

 St. Piran Cornish Dress Tartan
(registry #1685)
designed by Donald Rawe

Cornish National Day Tartan
(registry # 1262)
designed by Donald Rawe
and family tartans such as
Curnow Tartan
designed by Howard Curnow
Christopher Tartan
(registry #2809)
designed by The Christopher Family
Rosevear Tartan
(registry #2541)
designed by Donald Rawe

I am often asked where Cornish tartan products (including kilts) can be obtained.
The following is one such place:
Helen Dale
Cornovi Kilts
Geor Chapel
Gilly Vean
TR16 6BN

Telephone- 01209 860702


or visit their web site at 

(formerly Sandra Redwood at Cornovi Creations)

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