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Date:  6/11/2015, 4:04 pm, GMT +1Name:  john neil tregoningEmail:  [email protected]Number:  142 Born in Birkenhead my ancestry is Cornish and I love the country! My father was born in Lanner and I still try to visit his home. Portreath was his local beach but I loved St Ives I am now 60 years old and still in Birkenhead but Cornwall will always remain my true home. Long live Cornwall !!!!
Date:  22/7/2015, 11:04 am, GMT +1Name:  Tony CarterEmail:  [email protected]Number:  141 F.G.S 1950-1957
Organiser of FGS Reunion 2000
Retired Living close to Leicester
Soon to publish book “Proper Cornish” An anthology of Cornish Humour
Date:  3/7/2014, 1:47 pm, GMT +1Name:  Preston ThomasEmail:  [email protected]Number:  140 I was born at Nancegollan and we moved to Burras when I was about 4 years of age. I now live in Atherton near Leigh, Lancs but always remember I am a Cornishman.
On my 80th birthday I wore the Cornish Kilt and very proud to do so.
Preston Thomas
Date:  17/11/2013, 7:28 pm, GMT +1Name:  Sue van de GraaffEmail:  [email protected]Number:  139 Can anyone help me please.? .i’m trying to buy a Cornish fishermans smock but live in the Netherlands.. No webshop seems to sell red ones for women! Googling has left me cross-eyed! No luck..!
Date:  18/6/2013, 11:26 am, GMT +1Name:  Dave PascoeNumber:  138 Lovely recipes!I was born and brought up in Porthleven/Penrose and after long RAF service am now living as a Cornish ex-pat in South Wales.Very Best Wishes to you and yours.Dave P.
Date:  20/1/2013, 9:36 am, GMT +1Name:  Mark. TangyeEmail:  [email protected]Number:  137 Hi Alan,
I have just came across your site and have found it very interesting. My ancestors appear to have originated from the Illogan Redruth towns of Cornwell.RegardsMark Tangye
Cooma NSW Australia.
Date:  28/9/2012, 3:04 pm, GMT +1Name:  Penryn BoyNumber:  136 Proper job Alan. Mid uz laff.

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Date:  1/9/2012, 5:31 am, GMT +1Name:  tommy vealeEmail:  [email protected]Number:  135 Hey I’m an old Falmouthian and an old FGS boy 1944 to 54 went to the the last old boys reunion FGS in 2000. I have been in Canada since 1954 lost a lot of old friends since then would be happy to receive any emailsPS I tried sending to the guest book but it wouldn’t accept my email lets hope this gets through

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Date:  10/7/2012, 4:13 pm, GMT +1Name:  Tracy ArthurEmail:  [email protected]Number:  134 My Father was cornish his name was Anthomy Edward John Arthur borne 1938 -2007 parents Percy and Doris born in Camborne. My mother Lorna Hazel Carne born in Newquay 1939 -2010 I am always interested in anything cornish so now I have found your site I will look forward to looking at it more closely.
Date:  4/7/2012, 5:33 am, GMT +1Name:  Karen BakerEmail:  [email protected]Number:  133 I see that you have a listing for the Allen County Public Library’s Geneological Library. I can highly recommend this library, the 2nd largest geneological library in the US. I live not far from it, and have been using it. If you can get to Ft Wayne, Indiana, by all means visit the library. Th geneological library is free, has computers to get online, and tons of books about families, communities, states, countries, etc.

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