Cornish Place Names
I accept no responsibility for missing place names or incorrect translations as I have to rely on external resources.  However, if you feel the a place name and its translation should be included then send it to me by e-mail.
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Place Name Cornish English  
Angarrack An carrek The rock Top
Angrouse An crows The cross  
Baldhu Bal dhu Black mine Top
Balnoon Bal an un Mine on the down  
Barncoose Baren cos Twigs of wood  
Bodmin Bos venegh Dwelling of monks (monastery, sanctuary)  
Boscarne Bos carn Dwelling by a rockpile  
Boscawen Bos scawen Dwelling by an elder-tree  
Boscreege Bos cruk Dwelling by a barrow  
Bosporthennis (Zennor) Bos porth enys Dwelling at the entrance of an isolated place  
Boswinger Bos Gwengor Dwelling of Gwengor  
Brea Bre Hill  
Burras Ber res Short ford  
Cadgwith Caswyth Thicket Top
Callenick Kelynek Holly grove  
Camborne Cam bryn Crooked hill  
Caradon Car Edon Fort of Edon  
Carharrack Car arth Fort on a higher place  
Carloggas Car logas Fort of mice (disused fort)  
Carn Brea Carn bre Rock pile  
Carn Dhu Carn dhu Black rock-pile  
Carnkie Carn ky Dog rock-pile (probably shaped like a dog)  
Carnmarth Carn margh Horse rock-pile  
Carnmeall Carn Myghal Michael’s Rock Mine  
Carnyorth Carn yorgh Roebuck rock-pile  
Carreck Loose Carrek los Grey rock  
Carrick Carrek Huge rock (boulder)  
Carthew Car du Black fort  
Carvean Car byghan Small fort  
Carvinack Car meynek Stony fort  
Carvossow Car fosow Fort with walls  
Carwin Car gwyn White fort  
Castle-an-Dinas **** an dynas Castle and the fort  
Chyandour Chy an dowr House by the water  
Chyangwens Chy an gwyns House in the wind  
Chycoose Chy cos House by a wood  
Chykembro Chy Kembro House of the Welshman  
Chynalls Chy an als House on the cliff  
Chynance Chy nans House in a valley  
Chypons Chy pons Bridge house  
Chypons Chy pons House by a bridge  
Chyreen Chy ryn House on a slope  
Chysauster Chy Sauster House of Silvester  
Chytodden Chy ton House by a grassland  
Chywoone, Choone, Chun Chy gun House on a down  
Coverack Goverek Place of small streams  
Crowlas Cores res Weir-ford  
Crowsanwra Crows an wragh Cross of the witch  
Dawns Men Dons men Dance of stones Top
Devoran Dowren Watering place  
Dor Catcher Dor caja Daisy ground  
Dorminack Dor meynek Stony ground  
Egloshayle Eglos hayl Estuary church Top
Fowey Fawek Beech grove Top
Gear Car Small fort or defensive enclosure Top
Godrevy Godrevy Small farms  
Golant Golans Small valley  
Goonbell Gun pell Far downs  
Goongumpas Gun compes Level down  
Goonhavern Gun havrak Summer pasture downs  
Goonhilly Gun helghya Hunting Downs  
Gunwin Gun wyn White down  
Gwavas Gwavas Winter pasture  
Gweal Creeg Gwel cruk Barrow field  
Gweek Gwyk Wood  
Gwennap Lan wenap Settlement of Wenap  
Halwyn Hal wyn White moor Top
Hayle Hayl Estuary  
Hendra Hen dra (tre) Old farm  
Henlys (Helston) Hen lys Old court  
Kellivose Kelly fos Grove by a dyke Top
Kelynack Kelynek Holly grove  
Kerrow (Plural of) Ker Small forts  
Keverango Kevranow Hundreds (county divisions)  
Kynance Keynans Ravine  
Laity Legh ty Milk house (dairy) Top
Landithy (at Madron) Lan Dithy Settlement of Dithy  
Lanhydrock Lan Hydrek Settlement of Hydrek  
Lanisley (at Gulval) Lan Isley Settlement of Isley  
Lanner Lanergh Clearing  
Lanuthnoe (at St. Erth) Lan Uthnoe Settlement of Uthnoe  
Lelant Lananta Settlement of Anta  
Lesnewth Lys noweth New court  
Leswidden Lys wyn White court  
Liskeard Lys Kerwyd Court of Kerwyd  
Lis Escop Lys Epscop Bishop’s Court  
Lizard Lys arth Court on a high place  
Looe Logh Inlet  
Lostwithiel Lost gwylfos Tail of the forest  
Ludgven Luseven (Place of) ashes  
Marazanvose Marghas fos Market on a rampart Top
Marazion Marghas byghan (Marghas Yow) Small market (Thursday market)  
Melancoose Mel an cos Mill in the wood  
Mellingey Melyn gy Mill house  
Men an Tol Men an tol Stone with the hole  
Meneage Menegh (Place of) Monks  
Men Scryfa Men scryfa Stone of writing  
Minack Meynek Ground  
Nance Nans Valley Top
Nancegollan Nans golans Small valley  
Ninnes An enys The isolated place  
Park an Crowes Park an crows Cross field Top
Park darras Park darras Door field (field by the farm door)  
Park Peeth Park pyth Well field  
Park Skibber Park skyber Barn field  
Park Venton Park fenten Spring field  
Pedn-men-du Pen men du Headland of black stone  
Pednvounder Pen bownder End of a lane  
Pencoose Pen cos End of a wood  
Pendeen Pen dynas Headland fort  
Pendennis Pen dynas Headland fort  
Pendoggett Pen deu gwelenek Top of two copses  
Pendrea Pen tre Top of a farm  
Pengelly Pen kelly End of a grove  
Penhale Pen hal End of a moor  
Penhallow Pen hallow End of the moors  
Pennance Pen nans Top of a valley  
Penpoll Pen pol Head of a creek  
Penponds Pen pons Bridge head  
Penrose Pen ros End of a heath  
Penrose Pen ros End of the heath  
Penryn Pen ryn End of the valley  
Pentewan Pen towan Top of a sandhill  
Pentire Pen tyr Head land  
Pentreath Pen treth Top of a beach  
Penwith Penwyth The very end  
Penzance Pen sans Holy headland  
Plainangwarry Plen an gwary Plain of the play (Playing place)  
Poldhu Pol dhu Cove (Black pool)  
Polglase Pol glas Green pool  
Polgooth Pol goth Goose pool  
Polhigey Pol heyjy Ducks’ pool  
Polperro Pol Pyra Pyra's harbour  
Polruan Pol Ruveun Ruveun's harbour  
Polpuscas Pol puskes Fish pool  
Polyphant Pol lefans Frog pool  
Polzeath Pol segh Dry pool  
Ponsanooth Pons an goth Bridge of the goose  
Poniou Ponsyow Bridges  
Pontshallow Pons hallow Bridge on the moors  
Porthcothan Porth cothen
or Porth goheudhan
Old cove
Place of the happy/babbling stream
Porthcurno Porth kernow Cove of horns  
Porthgwarra Porth gwara Port of trade  
Porthennis (Mousehole) Porth enys Island cove  
Porthgwidden Porth gwyn White cove  
Porthia (St. Ives) Porth Ia Ia’s cove  
Porthleven Porth leven Smooth harbour  
Porthmeor Porth mur Large cove  
Porthpean Porth byghan Little cove  
Porthtowan Porth towan Cove of the sand hill (sand dunes)  
Portquin Porth gwyn White cove  
Portreath Porth treth Beach cove  
Portscatho Porth scathow Harbour of boats  
Praze-an-Beeble Pras an pobel Meadow of the people  
Redruth Res ruth Red ford Top
Resoon Res gun Ford on the down  
Ridgeo Resyow Fords  
Rissick Res segh Dry ford  
Roseangrouse Res an grows Heath of the cross  
Rosemergy Ros mergh gy Heath by a stable  
Rosemorran Ros moran Heath of brambles  
Roskear Res ker Ford by a fort  
Roskruge Ros cruk Heath with a barrow  
Rosudgeon Ros ojyon Heath of oxen  
Ruanlanihorne Ruan lan ? Monastic close of St. Ruan + unknown word  
St Just Lanuste Settlement of Uste Top
St. Dennis Dynas Fort (St. Dennis not named after a saint!)  
St. Ewe Lanewe Settlement of Ewe  
Stennack Sten Tin bearing ground  
Tehidy Teghyjy Place of retreat Top
Tolven Tol men Hole in a stone  
Tredinnick Tre redenek Bracken farm  
Trefrink, Trink Tre Frynk Frenchman’s farm  
Tregarrick Tre carrek Farm by a rock  
Trelowarren Tre lewern Home of foxes  
Tregear Tre ker Farm by a fort  
Tregoose Tre cos Farm by a wood  
Tremellin, Trevellin Tre melyn Farm by a mill  
Tremenheere Tre menhyr Farm by a longstone  
Trenalls Tre an als Farm on a cliff  
Trenance Tre nans Valley farm  
Trendrine Tre an dreyn Farm of the thorns  
Treneere Tre an yer Farm of the hens (Chicken farm?)  
Trengove Tre an gof Farm of the smith  
Trengwainton Tre an Gwaynten Farm of the Spring (season)  
Trenoweth Tre noweth New farm  
Trerice Tre res Farm by a ford  
Trevean Tre byghan Small farm  
Trevear Tre mur Large farm  
Treveglos, Treneglos Tref eglos Churchtown  
Trewarveneth Tre war meneth Farm on a hill  
Trewoone, Troon Tre an un Farm on the down  
Tywardreath Ty war dreth House on a beach  
Tywarnhayle Ty war an hayl House on the estuary  
Vellandreath Mel an treth Mill on the beach  
Vellandruchia Melyn droghya Tucking mill Top
Vellanoweth Mel noweth New mill  
Wheal Owles Whel als Cliff work Top
Wheal Rose Whel ros Works (or mine) on the heath  
Zelah Seghen Dry place Top


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